Our technology inherited from Almine Group's technology with 100-years experience.

Production of Aluminium Coil

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Production of Aluminium Wire

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Production of Aluminium Bar

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Aluminium Coil

We are able to manufacture all kinds of material from the 1000 series to 6000 series with a total capacity of 4,000 MT/month.


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Aluminium Wire

It is used for automobiles, electric power transportation, etc., and 1000 series, 6000 series, etc. are used, but we can produce according to the customer's request.

Diameter: We can draw until 1.0Ømm.


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Aluminium Bar

We will provide aluminum rods that meet the requirements of customers in respect of dimension as well as specification .

Diameter: from 5mm to 35mm

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Awards & Certificates

Awards & Certificates